On Sunday, June 1st, the inaugural “Bomb Down Broadway” BMX contest was held in NYC. Backed by Zoo York and Skavenger, a hundred or so BMX dogs converged on Union Square for the start of a completely no-holds-barred race through the streets of New York. This underground event was all about who could get from point A to point B the fastest without getting crushed by oncoming traffic or collared by Johnny Law. Sounds simple enough, right? Not even close! With 5G’s up for grabs, dudes were going balls-to-the-wall in their quest to take home some cold, hard cash. The race ended in Brooklyn at Edwin De La Rosa’s shop POST, and when the dust finally settled a handful of riders split up the hefty prize purse. The top three finishers were Ben Duke in 1st ($1,500), Darryl Nau in 2nd ($1,000), and Marco Della in 3rd ($750). Special thanks to Tyrone Williams at DAH SHOP!

Peep this exclusive video, or download it as a free podcast from the iTunes Store.

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