Hot! ZOO’s New TM

Zoo York has a new TM..
his name is Don La aka “NJ Scum”
He signed up for myspace yesterday and
asked me to put up some pics for his profile.
He then called me 4 hours later and
asked me to chill on the pics
because he wants to lay low….
i think he thought I was trying to embarass him..
So instead of blowing him up on myspace..
here is a pic of his broken toe!

Don La broke his toe on the 2005 Jump Off tour..
He broke it while skating a ditch in New Mexico..
then drove the van the entire way to Houston
before realizing it was broke..
Then he drove the van the entire way from Houston to NYC with his broke foot!
Now thats some dedication…
Sorry for blowing your spot up La..
but its only gonna get worse from here!!
Stay tuned for more Don La highlights..

Just wait til you see his passport photo.