Saturday 20th November saw 105  plus skateboarders arrive at Mitchell Park – Durban, South Africa to take part in the first ever bombing Florida event.  There was a buzz of excitement and nerves started to grow, as nobody knew what to expect, as the event was a first of its kind in South Africa.  With everybody waiting to go our worst fear came to life, the SAPS (South African Police) rocked up to see what was going on, luck was on our side, the officer was understanding and let the run go ahead.  With the skaters briefed and confirmation that marshals were in position the 105 skateboarders were set off, Florida road was packed with spectators and traffic came to a complete stop. Some skaters taking a gentle cruise and carve approach and others going full balls to the wall. Wipeouts and crashes were bound to happen but there was nothing more serious then a few roasties and broken egos.  A few shorts minutes later speed demon Steve Jones arrived at 7th avenue first, followed by George Van Blerk and James Watts.  Steve walked away with the lion’s share of the R6000 prize money and product from ZOO YORK, Circa footwear, Skull Candy headphones and Lundun Sunglasses.  The afternoon was ended off with war stories and beers at Taco Zulu.  Be sure to watch out for the next Bombing event presented by Zoo York.  – Wesley ZY Operative South Africa

Thanks to The Bomb Surf mag for the flicks.