Photography by: Sean Cronan, Marcello Guardigli and Wade Crofts

So lets start with some of the usual stats? Age, sponsors, and years skating?
24 years old, Zoo York, Dekline, Theeve & Satori and I’ve been skating for 15 years.

Sum yourself up in five words.
Fast living, too busy breathing.

How did you first discover skateboarding?
My bike got stolen.

You grew up in the regional town of Shepparton in country Australia. What was it like learning to skate in a small place and what did you have to skate?
It was either skating car park ledges, gaps, or heaps of half spots. Shep is flat. The underground was tight and there was also an abandoned butter factory which was a good rush! It was a $3,500 fine for trespassing there. The Deakin rails were good, too!

What made you decide to move to the big smoke?

Now you that you live in Melbourne, what would you say the biggest differences are between the place and people?
People don’t talk on the streets in Melbourne as much. Like when you’re walking past someone and they blatantly ignore you intentionally. There’s heaps of love in the country!

You teach kids at “learn to skate clinics” far and wide. How did you get into it and what are the perks of the job?
Richard Flude contacted me, raddest dude! He’s got shit goin’ on, he shreds hard to his ‘own life’, and was keen too for me to be a part of the movement. It’s been great working with some real OG’s like Cuzza, Fludey, Morgan Campbell, and Scotty Standley. It’s great skating with different communities and it’s always good to see different walks of life.

What would you suggest to kids when they’re first starting out, and is there any “right way” of skateboarding?
There is no real ‘right way’. No whistles, no boundaries, just have fun!

So only two weeks after being put on the Zoo York Australian team you were thrown deep into the mix of a whirlwind tour. What were some of the highlights of the trip?
Chaz, Black Dave, Briody & Kev were so funny! The whole team is rad! I slipped the tour in between work while I was moving houses, so shit was hectic. I was definitely lucky to meet RB Umali.

We haven’t even dropped your welcome clip yet, so essentially this interview has let the cat out of the bag that you’re reppin’ ZOO. What are you stoked on about ZOO YORK?
Greg the designer at ZOO has dropped some dope new ranges on threads! They’re tight! Also, stoked to be on the team with the ol’schoolin’ James Briody & Shane Mathewson. Yeah Doggies!

The photo’s in this interview were taken over the last year. What battles and glory did you walk away with on these tricks?
They were pretty much tricks I had already filmed and I just went back to shoot them. They were all pretty planned out and I luckily came out unscathed. I used a hand saw on the run up for the wheel chair ramp ollie and there was a huge crack just before the ramp. It was sketchy! Cheers Vaughan.

The tour coincided with the first Zoo York concept store opening in Australia. How was the opening event and the after party?
I was really impressed on the look and the range at the new store. Spot on! The after party was rad, too and it was good to see Black Dave do his thang!

You’re known for a very positive and out going personality. What keeps you so hyped all the time? Is there ever a dull moment for Royden?
If I tell you I will have I kill you (laughs). Man, for sure, there are dull moments. What’s the good without the bad? I respect balance and I think that’s what keeps me well aligned. People just need to stop. Breath & live in the ‘NOW’!

What lies in the future? Got any plans for travel?
I really want to go to the States as soon as I can. I need those spots!

Any thank yous or shout outs?
Nan, Grandma, Mom & Dad, Duncan for hooking this up, Mike at Lush, Happy, Pascal, Nath, Petey, Shaney D, Bart, Chris, Dave B, Port, V, Willy, Fludey, Morgs, Tomo, Blake Harris, Pete at Goliath & anyone else who has supported me along the way. Anyone else who I forgot, sorry I love y’all!