Hot! Zoo Texas Skate Jam Trip

Here are some pics from our trip to Texas
for the Make-A-Wish Texas Skate Jam.

Lamare & Ron Deily wait at the airport
for the bags to arrive..

Shetler and Dr. Z

Loading up the van

Zered wanted to look fresh for the skate jam
but wasn’t doing too good on his own.

So Matt Miller stepped in to shape him up

Yo make it nice.. aight?

A freshly cut Z and Seamus went
to the park early to set up the Zoo tent.

Zered rigging the bluetooth kit to the GPS
to navigate us back to the hotel properly
to pick up the rest of the crew.

Lamar gettin first dibs on the fresh Zoo shirts..

We ate breakfast at our new favorite spot.
The Fountain View Cafe where they have the
best pancakes.. Elvis eats there too.

Donny knows that breakfast is the
most important meal of the day.


The crew begins to get the “itis” from
the proper breakfast.

Don’t get too comfy now..
we still gotta shred today.

Zered shows off his new cut.
and his new DVS fitted.

They had a mechanical
bull ride at the skate jam
for the little dunnys.

Lix and Mondooks.
Rhythm Reunion.

Zered signs his life away all day everyday.

Forrest and Danny G came all the way
from San Antonio for the fun.

These are pics from the autograph signing
at the Zoo tent during the Make-a-Wish
Texas Skate Jam

I have no idea what Matt Miller
is signing in this photo..

Cronan and Deegan

Ron Deily making his happy face.

Forrest questioning the authenticity of the
most creative piece brought to the
autograph signing..

The Lix and The People’s Champ

Dr. Z and A.C.

City of Killers reunion

Lamare gettin artsy at the dinner table.

Who is your drawing of Lamare?
Self-portrait or Hollywood rocker dude?

Zered sizing up an abstract hubba ledge.

Seamus has been manhandling the van the entire trip.
Gotta give him props for holding it down.
Here he throws up the chaka just before
pulling one of his infamous e-brake slides.

Downtown H-town

We had a malfunction in our rental van’s
sliding door.. so we went to a Chevy
dealership to try and get it fixed..
they showed us no love..

So the whole crew waited at my family’s house.
and kicked it in the driveway..

While Seamus drove to the rental car place to
get us a new van before we could drive to Austin.

This many boards is how high
Matt Miller can nollie.

We finally made it to Austin and the first
spot we hit was a cool little pool.

Ron Deily aka “The Pool Nazi”
shreds the deep end frontside.

Brandon and Z wait their turn.

After the pool we hit up a cool spot
known as 5 hips.. I wondered why
it was called that.. and its because duh.
There are 5 hips to skate there.. Cool spot.

Here’s a sweet action pic of Deily about
to get some of that sweet Seamus footy.

Dropping in on the right is our
Austin tour guide Ryan Weibust.
Not only can he rip on the board, but also
on the mic as the former lead singer of Demassek

After the sesh we went to a famous spot
in Austin known for watching bats.

There are a gazillion bats that
live under this bridge..

You can’t see them in this photo but
there are bats everywhere.

Yo check it.. Mad bats in the air son!


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  1. somebody ask lamare what kind those grey shoes are in the first pic, mad fresh son!

  2. Those must be some of them crazy fresh DVS kicks on Lamare’s feet.