Hot! Zoo Texas Skate Jam Trip – Part 2

Here are some more pics from our recent
productive filming trip in Houston TX

After a nice visit to Austin.
Seamus drove us back to Houston
Where we stayed across the Loop 610
from this tall building.

I was reunited with my good friends
and former Zoo York skaters.
Anthony Correa and Phillip
aka PHD from Lower Life Form

Anthony gave us the heads up
on this bright abandoned spot
right next to my old High School.

Donny Barley holds the van down

It was our last day of the trip so
we stopped by the skatepark by
the legendary EZ-7 ditch to drop
off our used boards to the locals.

Donny also handed out some copies
of our newest promo DVD
Welcome to Zoo York
which you can also find in the next
issue of The Skateboard Mag

These kids had no idea we were
gonna show up.. and they were
both wearing Zoo shirts so they
got first dibs at all our used decks.

See it pays to rep Zoo York shirts.
Especially when the crew rolls thru your city.

Need a board?

Take your pick.

Yeah its free. I’m serious.
Just take it already.

Ron and Lamare. Yee haw!

Ron reaches for the sky

Alright back to the van

I got another spot for you guys.
Youre gonna love it.

Psyche.. it got skate stopped.
And they left a nice sign for us to read.

I never thought it would happen
but on this trip Matt gave up
a nasty habit.. I’m proud of ya.

Artsy sculpture at the dope spot
that is now unskateable.

Everybody got their tricks so
might as well go back to the
hotel and celebrate with a box
of team juice.