“Yo it’s Africa Hot out here!”

Seamus & Z enjoy a “mellow” night at Joe Cool’s in Durban.

Our lovely tour guide Kerry Botha took care of us.

I was introduced to “Cream & Cane” aka “The Green Monster”

Forrest keeps his cool at Joe Cool’s

Our first of many African Jager Bombs.

Kerry, Shane & Zered

Seamus, Cronan & 4E.

It’s not quite Dunkin but..

Zered thought everyone was jumping in the pool with him.

Look how psyched Forrest is.

We had a BBQ at our hotel in Durban.

Zered gets the grill started Cape Cod Style.

Zered got a buttery new camera before the trip.

Forrest picks his favorite R.Kelly baby making jams on the iPod.

Mmmm… Ribs.

Throw a little extra juicy on there.

Good times..

The entrance to the beach by our hotel.

ZY State of mind spoiler.. This was his warm up trick.

Zered and Brandon go behind the bar to make
a special drink for Roger our distributor

When asked what was in the drink.. Zered replied:
“A little bit of everything!”

Everything after that drink is a blur.

4E and Dr.Z wrap the night up.

Brandon kicks it at our hotel in Durban.

I got my own signature Coke cans in South Africa.

That’s what she said.

Forrest gets some Sun on the ride to Lion Park.

If those Lion’s wanna get crazy 4E is ready to
unleash the Sex Panther.. Whew! That’s pungent!

ZY JoBerg Sales rep David Hardwick
gets friendly with a baby cub.

Feeding with the Lions at night is kinda craze.

Our hotels in JoBerg resembled the inside of a Pizza Hut.

Forrest flosses his new customized iPhone.

Check out that custom finish doggy.. Stoops!
Next time put your iPhone inside your
pocket before exiting the van!

Brandon & Cron-Dog decide what to order
at one of JoBerg’s finest restaurants..

Sean is gettin’ some head. No homo.

After Dinner, Forrest and David enjoy the
finest House music JoBerg has to offer.

They say 60% of the time it works every time.

Yeah Harold.. Sweet graffiti for the Legend. R.I.P.

Entrance to the Men’s room.

Me and Mercedes Jack, aka “Baby Regis”.

Famila Skateboards Filmer JJ, and Brendan
from Session Magazine
hold it down after a couple Jager shots
with Dr.Z and his new mask.

“At first I didn’t like Jager Bombs…
Now I’m down for Jager Bombs!”
– Dr. Z backs the Red Bull cocktail.

It’s getting Bro-mantic in here.

Seamus, Kevin Love the Skartist from JoBerg, and myself after
a few too many Jager Bombs.

Do all the Jager Bombs you want.. just don’t black
out in front of Zered when he has a marker.

Hopefully we will see ya next year South Africa.
Thanks to everybody down there who hooked it up
for us and showed us Mad Love..

Stay tuned for a video Podcast of our
South Africa Tour coming soon!


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  1. Hey RB, thanks for coming out man, we appreciate the fact that you tried to make the most of what we have to offer in South Africa. Any time you want to come back and maybe get chased by some elephants or something, there is a place here for you guys. Later from Luke (the jhb tour guide)

  2. Hope you all are well…. these pic’s say it all….
    We had a great time! Can’t wait for the next one! …Shot O’s Kerry