This is what the crew was looking like
on the Zoo Jersey Tour.

“First Stop Feet First”
Try saying that as fast as
you can ten times.

Buttery Banks Shirt.

Hooking the kiddies up
with some new ink.

If you wanna come to my hotel.
All you gotta do is holler at me.

The next day the crew made
an appearance at Nieratko’s
infamous NJ SKATESHOP where
he always draws in a huge crowd.

Sign your life away.

Look what you guys did to
his perfectly good hoodie!

Then off to Slayerville for a demo in the cold.

Yo everybody land your tricks,
toss the board then we out!

And off to Nieratko’s for some fun
and games! Best pool table ever.

Damn you got skeeball at your crib?

You challenge me to a game of what?!?
A game of horseshoes!

Last stop of the trip.
Small Empire.

Ron Jovi on tour and at home at the same time.
Must be nice getting perdium at home!