Congrats again to Chaz Ortiz for taking 3rd place at the AM Getting Paid contest.

With $10K in total prize money up for grabs, dudes weren’t holding anything back as they crushed the street course at Montreal’s South Parc Skatepark. When it was all said and done, Atoine Asselin claimed first place honors and a check for $5K, Ryan Decenzo took second ($2K), and ZY Official Chaz Ortiz rounded out the top three ($1K). After the contest, ProTec’s best trick jam went down with teams of four competing against one another. Chaz Ortiz, who has been on an absolute tear lately, led his team of Ryan Decenzo, Mikael O’Meara and TJ Rogers to a resounding victory.

In between all the shreddin’, several bangin’ parties were held over the three day event weekend at Montreal’s finest drinking holes. As you can imagine, it was all about beats, booze, babes, and broing down with all the homies. Cheers to another memorable year of good times in Canada with the Zoo Crew!

Brandon Westgate killed it at the demo in Terrebone Quebec today.. check it:

Straight up and over that shit.. The kid’s got POP!!

Speaking of Pop, have you seen the new Tranworld “And Now” video yet??

I just got to see it the other night and I don’t even have to tell you how much pop
Matt Miller has… The entire video is sick tho go to your local skateshop and get it when it comes in.

We’ve logged a couple clips for the “State of Mind” video on this trip but the rain
is seriously killing our flow. Stay tuned for more photo/video updates!