Hot! Zered’s on Force

Today I met up with Dr. Z.. he just got back from an East Coast DVS tour and also picked up a new sponsor..

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The weather is gettin’ lovely here in the city and we went to a popular metal ledge in Tribeca. Here’s a photo of Zered warming up with a backside 5-0 grind on his new force trucks.

One day last year Zered was skating this ledge in Tribeca when the famous actor Tom Hanks walked out of the building.. The celebrity was in awe with what Zered was doing and told him that he is crazy and should put a helmet on when performing his death defying stunts..
Zered’s buddy “Lurker” Lou may not
as popular as Tom Hanks
But he came along anyways to keep Zered company
because skating by yourself feels a little weird..
Especially if the cameras are on you.