Front Feeble. Photo: Bishop

How old are you? Where are you from?
I am 21 years old from Pittsburgh PA.
How did you get into skating?
I saw my neighbor had a skateboard in his garage one day and decided to get one later that week. Been skating ever since.
What was the Pittsburgh skate scene like growing up? Who did you skate with?
It was good with OneUp and Headboard Shop, they had some good things come out of the Burgh. I didn’t know most of them until later, so I would skate with some friends around my area.
What’s it like now, who do you roll with?

Pittsburgh’s scene now is coming up in a good way. We have a tight group that all are just down to skate. I usually skate with the homies; Drew, Austin, Doug, Nick, Benny, Rob and my brother Justin.
So your Bolts and Buttah part created a lot of buzz for you. How was it making that video? How long did you film for it?
Yeah, it was just a homie video all of us made for fun. I would say we filmed for like a year and a half.

What were people’s reaction to your part?
I think people were hyped on it when they saw it.
Were you happy with it?
For the most part, you always want to change things around, but it is what it is.
Shortly after the video, you got on ZOO. How did that come about?
Greg the owner of OneUp Skateshop put me in touch with Ben Oleynik from ZOO and he asked me if I was down to ride for them.
You’ve got to travel a bit with ZOO to Canada and other contests. What are the trips like?
First off, Montreal is amazing, but everyone on the trip knows how to have a good time and loves to skate, so they’re a lot of fun.

Backtail. Photo: Bishop

What did you think of the Z.Y. Field Agent video you were just in?
I thought it turned out to be pretty sick, it had a good east coast feel to it. Everyone in it was killin’ it; I thought Dave Willis and Zach Dykes had some real good footage in there.

You also ride for OneUp Skate Shop in Pittsburgh. It’s definitely a legit shop with a family feel. How long have you rode for them?
I’ve been riding for them about three years now and it’s tight to be riding for a shop that wants to help you out whenever they can, OneUp is the Pittsburgh shop. Also pretty much everyone I skate with rides for the shop too.
Who else do you ride for?
I also ride for Nike SB (flow).

Back 180 Nosegrind. Photo: Bishop

You recently traveled to NYC. What did you do while you’re here?
The city is so tight, so many spots. I love how you can skate down any street and find a spot. I pretty much just skated the whole time while I was there, got to skate the Autumn Bowl which is gnarly.
Top 5 Tricks?
Front shuvs, back smiths in tranny, back tails, frontside flips, and wallies.
Top 5 Skaters?
Grant Taylor, Dennis Busenitz, Wes Kremer, Ben Fisher, and Jake Johnson.
Top 5 Spots?
Millions, Pulaski, Welfare banks, The Point fountain, anywhere Downtown.

Backside Flip. Photo: Bishop

Are you working on anything right now?
Yeah, we got another homie video coming out soon (Fuck Yinz vol. 2) and a Pittsburgh video is in the works called The Great Divide that should be real dope!
What are your plans for the future?
Hopefully continue to skate for awhile and who knows after that.
Last words and Thank yous?
Lets Go Steelers! I would like to thank my parents, Greg and OneUp Skateshop, Zoo York, Nike SB, my brothers Justin and Addison, Rob Starr, Drew, Austin, Billy, Benny, Doug, Panza Bros, Stadler, Bradford, Weirton crew, and Pittsburgh’s skate scene keeping it real.

Front Feeble. Photo: Bishop

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