What’s up Travis? How are things?
Things are good! Just back home kickin it right now.

So you were just in New York for your second time. What did you get up to?
Yeah, I had been up there once before for three days, but this time we ended up staying for about a week and a half! I came up there to start working on some video shit. It’s been kind of a set back going from VX1 to everything being HD.

Coming from Atlanta, what’s your overall impression of NYC?
New York kinda reminds me of ATL. It has all its different areas. Almost the same vibe, but with a bigger city filled with more people.

What about the skating in New York?
I like it. It’s just skating up there. Everyone just gets out, go and do their thing! I couldn’t even tell you all the spots we went to. You guys got a new one up there that’s as good as it gets! But I don’t wanna blow it out for you guys, so imma leave it at that.

You and Chaz were staying together and skating everyday. How was that?
That’s the homie! So it was chill. He’s down to skate pretty much whatever spot. The worst is when you gotta skate some shit by yourself.

I know you went with Zered and Chaz to meet up with the ZOO clothing designers and give some direction on next year’s line. How was that?
Yeah, I got to get in there and put in my two cents. It was real good. I can’t wait for some of the shit to come out!

New York is known for its food. What did you eat while you were here?
RB took us to all the ill food spots. We ended up having a little bit of everything!

The city is also known for its night life. Did you get a chance to go out?
We kinda had a lot going on this trip. We did go to a New York Improv/Stand up show on the last night though. It was tight to see, because you always hear about the people who became something from that.

Any crazy shit happen while you were here?
As bad as they say it is, I didn’t really see anything too fucked up. Just people almost getting ran over every cab ride I took.

Would you consider moving to New York?
Yeah, I’ve thought about it. I definitely wanna rent an apartment for a summer one day.

What’s the plan for the rest of the year?
Really, I just wanna try to travel and skate as much as I can right now! That’s the plan.

Photos: Cronan