The Skateboard Mag – Rollin’ with Zered Bassett

Shad Lambert from the skateboard mag is flying to NYC this weekend
to hang with the one and only DR.Z. Click on the pic and leave a
question in comments section for Shad to ask Zered.

Here are some questions already posted in the comments section:

19 hours ago killa said:
Yo Zered! Front crooks! How the hell do you do those, i suck at that shit but you got some secret technique.

18 hours ago Malik said:
is King of the Road as crazy as people say it is???

16 hours ago DRJoel said:
1. How did you start to get noticed on the east coast skate scene? 2. You think EC skaters has same opportunities as the ones in cali? 3. How you deal with friends that has the talent to make it and take a lazy attitude?

16 hours ago Shralp or Die said:
How does it make you feel that Caswell Berry dedicated his first shaved head in his entire life, to you?

15 hours ago Domestic Cat said:
What’s your favorite wild animal? What’s your favorite domestic animal?

14 hours ago barker said:
Yo, with the cali scene being as good as it is wat keeps you in the streets of nyc so much

12 hours ago Idaho Potater Skater said:
I saw a tour video where you did some crazy mini ramp sh!t. Are you going to do a cheese and crackers bonus section in you next video part’s dvd bonus section?

6 hours ago Reuab said:
do you skate in rockland county at all? in your vicious cycle part you 50-50 a curved rail at the HS up the street from me. so i guess im also asking, would you ever go back?

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    Recently there has been a tremendous increase in interactive skateboard media(such as 48 Blocks) on the web.
    Do you think these sites will eventually replace skateboard magazines? How have these blogs impacted your career?