Photos: Cronan
Words: Oleynik

What’s up Fore, how are things?
Things are going really well. Living in Miami. Working on stuff and skating with my friends. Life is beautiful.

Let’s go back briefly. So you grew up in Texas; how did you get into skating there and who did you skate with?
I grew up in San Antonio, TX. It is a industrial esq type of city. San Antonio has a lot of culture though. A big hispanic influence there. Great Mexican food, and of coarse The Alamo. I started skating in 4th grade. Basically there were two kids at my school, Micah Linn and Jeremy Mack and they skated. I wanted to be down so I got a generic board, and it was on!

When and why did you move to Miami?
I moved to Miami after Sept 11, 2001. I basically had been living in Cali doing the Am thing for awhile with Rhythm/Planet Earth. At the time I had a house in San Antonio, TX. I was in TX at the time the Trade Center came down. I kinda looked at things in my life, and wanted to do something new and different. Meanwhile, Planet Earth went out of business, and now I was sponsorless. Before the year end of 2001, I loaded up a Uhaul and headed for Miami. Jan 1, 2002 I was a resident of Miami Beach. Been here since.

What’s Miami like these days?
Miami has evolved so much since I moved there. Ed Selego moved to Miami when I moved there. He was holding down my couch several months before we ended up being roommies for a few years. We have an amazing skate scene now. Joel, Ed, Chris, Ian, our whole crew has created so much in regard to Miami. We have MIA; a shop, a brand, and a family. I am still hyped on Miami for so many reasons. The ocean, the people, and the vibe. It is a place that is unlike any other in America.

Where have you been skating at lately in Miami? Who have you been skating with?
The spots in Miami are kind of cutty. We always find new stuff to hit. There are endless spots here. I usually roll out with Mike Atwood, Ryan Garshell, Ed Selego, Joel Mienholz, or MIA crew. I keep the crew small when I skate.

So the MIA video just dropped, how long have you guys been working on it?
The MIA video “Welcome To Miami” just dropped. I would guesstimate we spent around 20 months on this project. Josh Stewart spent a lot of time on my couch for this one. In retrospect I can’t say it felt like a typical video project. Just friends going out, and creating.

How do you think the video turned out?
The video came out exactly how I wished it would, and then some. When you have the greatest editor and filmers working together, you can’t go wrong. Capturing Miami, and the vibe of MIA, is a really hard thing to do. You can’t just pop into town and make that happen. There are too many variables here.

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Are you happy with your part?
I am happy with my part, but you always have those tricks you really wanted to get that you didn’t. To me it is kind of anticlimactic, but over all I wasn’t going for a part to outdo myself. More or less it was challenging to just go out and skate. I am really goal oriented on how I get footage. I had things I wanted for my part. Overall it is a part that shows skating in Miami and my style. I think that is mine and Josh’s formula. My part reminds me of Static 1 in a weird way.

Any tricks that stand out to you in your part that you’re really proud of or were really hard to get?
The tricks that stand out to me personally that were challenging are; I do a line with a front 360 down some stairs. My first front 360 ever! The line at the post office in Miami. I 180 up 5 stairs, and to me it was really tall. As well as I really wanted a line there. The most challenging ones are usually dealing with the elements of Miami in general. Security, the weather, getting to the spot on the right day and time. Having your mind right too!

You said that you weren’t trying to outdo yourself with this part. What was your frame of mind going into this video? Were you going for a certain feel with this part?
My approach was to go with the day. Of course you have an idea, but usually that doesn’t work. So you go with what you get to skate and make it happen. My mind set was to get a fluid part together with more lines, and skating. The feel I aimed for was to show that I am a skater, not a stunt man.


How was it to work with Josh Stewart?
Josh is a great friend to me. We have worked on numerous projects together in the past. Working on this video brought us all together and challenged us all, but the best thing is we are all good friends. We were making something out of nothing. What we accomplished is a beautiful thing. I love this video!

I know you spent a lot of time here in NYC filming for State of Mind. How is filming in Miami different than skating in New York?
My State of Mind part is one of my biggest accomplishments. To me, the crew, and how it came together is beyond me. RB did a great job on that video. Filming in Miami is different on so many levels, but very similar. In New York you have so many elements to deal with. Any clip in the city meant a lot of hard work! People, the weather, and getting from point A to point B. New york is a hard place to get footage. Miami and New York look so unique on film. You know it when you see it. You gotta go the extra foot to make it happen in both places.

For anyone who doesn’t know, tell us about MIA Skateshop? Do you go to their park much?
MIA Skateshop; owned by Chris Williams and Ed Selego. It is located in the heart of South Beach. 9th and Washington. It is a shop that has a family and is supported by many…including lil wayne! MIA also has a park out in Doral. I skate there often and it is a training facility to our crew.

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Outside of skating, what have you been up to lately?
Outside of skating, I have been going to the gym. Working out and getting stronger to be a better skater and a healthier person. I am working on a few side projects with some friends for my future, for me. I had my own business for a year and a half. I couldn’t skate because of an injury. So the 9 to 5 life is something I know I can do, but skating is my heart. I have a lot of ideas I am trying to make reality. So just focusing on skating is fine with me.

Now that the MIA video is done, what’s next for you?
Now that we are done with the MIA video, I am working on getting stuff for Static 4. I have two friends doing their own videos; Mike Atwood and Ryan Garshell. I am working on getting stuff for those projects as well.   Hopefully we are working on a Zoo York promo video soon. As well as going to some auditions and doing some cold readings here and there. Working on some stuff with Zoo York. I have been a part of the team for 9 years now. We are working on some things with that as well. Basically being happy and thankful for all my friends and family. Keeping it moving!!!!

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