Chaz came to New York last week for a quick weekend skate mission. It rained the day he was leaving, so we dragged him outside for a few hours and shot catalog photos.

Chaz needed a new pair of skate shoes while here for the weekend. Luckily the DC store in NYC had his size.

Zoo flow rider Dave Willis, Chaz and Zoo flow rider Kevin Tierney.

Eli cleaning out the legendary C-bowl before a solo session.

Most people don’t realize how massive the C-bowl is. Eli contemplates during a break in the session.

Success! Eli and I have been trying to shoot some photos here at the C-bowl for the past couple years. Usually we get kicked out, it’s full of water, or some other unforeseen circumstance happens. Today was our lucky day. Zoo flow rider Gavin MacMahon Nolan came by for support.

Ron taking a borrowed bike for a cruise in Malmo Sweden.

Ron kicked out before we even started during a recent dirty jersey mission.

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