Welcome to the first installment of a new weekly feature on the ZOO blog, THE CRONAN FILES! Cronan is the ZOO YORK staff photographer, he travels all around the world shooting the team. You have seen his photos in all the mags and now check what happens before/after or during the shoots, tours & trips. Every Friday we will be dropping some of his flicks that didn’t or weren’t allowed to be published. Peep it…

This is an alternate angle of Brandon doing a back 50-50 on a really tall flat bar in Queens. The other angle was shot fish and was used in his Institute catalog. This was after doing a CCS signing in New Jersey, and we still had a bit of daylight left.

Brandon taking a break and contemplating a trick at a gnarly spot in Boston. This was a few hours before we shot his frontblunt that was used on the latest CCS cover.

Two brothers horsing around in the Bronx. They were hanging out while Suski refilmed his backsmith.

This was right after a CCS signing in New Jersey. We saw this spot on the side of the road on the way back to the City. We got the boot right after he did this. Dropped Chaz off at the airport, and we went and shot Brandon’s 50-50.

Chaz had never seen a tumbleweed before. Come to think of it, I don’t think any of us had.

Filming mission to Arizona during the final months before State of Mind came out. Thanks to Joe Hammeke for hooking up a cool spot.

This is a pretty well known spot in Malmo Sweden. Its pretty tough to take a bad looking photo there. Its the middle of summer, but it is really cold there. Fore jumped into the water shortly after this was taken and we all though he was going to get hypothermia.

One of those spots you pass by every day, and never notice. Somehow Suski realized that this was possible.

There were a couple months a year or so ago that this spot was heavily sessioned. Ron warming up with a nice kickflip before dark sets in.

Bronx locals who cheered Suski on as he refilmed his Backsmith in the Bronx.

Suski and I originally shot this the week before at dusk, and it was filmed long, with no lights. That was the photo that came out in his TWS pro spotlight. He decided that it might look cool filmed fish, so we all went back up the following Sunday and he filmed it again.

Z hamming it up during a catalog shoot last year.

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