Zered contemplating the 19 hour flight home from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Zoo trips aren’t all 5 star hotels, and champagne and caviar (unless your Forrest)  4 guys and one tiny euro bathroom with one towel. Donny and Forrest kept us up all night regaling us with stories of tours past. All we needed were the smore’s.

Driving from Prague back to Germany our drivers stopped in the small town they were from (no idea which one) and had the guys do an impromptu demo while they took one of the cars for a few hours to get a radio or something. This mini was off to the side of the skatepark, and was actually really good.

This rail is in Toronto, Canada. We were on a week long trip, and this was the one day that it didn’t rain. The rail is super tall, and up to this point i dont think it had been skated yet Brandon handled it first go.

This is a rugged little quarterpipe that Suski and some bros made on the side of a bike path in Tuscon. We shot this while the NY crew ate Arizona bagels for breakfast in the shade.

Suski loves live music. Anytime we hear music playing, we know Suski is going to wander off in search of it. Could be bongos, guitar, a flute, if its live, he wants to hear it, and if possible join in. Here he is at Bercy in Paris jammin’ away.

While Suski jammed on the guitar, Brandon suited up in his euro scootering outfit and scooted the afternoon away at Bercy.

Zered and Aaron show you what teamwork is all about by bailing out this spot in Phoenix for Brandon.

Hand Grenades are dangerous…

This is what happens when you drink too many handgrenades in South Africa. You either pass out like our guide Brendan, or turn into a tagging maniac like Dr. Z.

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