Brandon braves the freezing wind of downtown Chicago to scope a spot.

Even though it was freezing cold and starting to snow, Chaz and Brandon keep their spirits high on a filming trip to Chaz’s hometown of West Dundee, Illinois.

Back in the day you would see this all over Brooklyn. Today, not so much.

Brandon and Eli kicked out of a wet spot in Cambridge, Ma. The lady in the background called the cops cause they were looking at the spot. Some people have nothing going on in their lives.

Zoo alum. Robbie Gangemi showing Eli Reed how sweet his flip video camera looks with a mini fish eye on a recent NYC mission

Did I mention that team dinners can get a bit out of control? Ron takes it to the next level up in Canada.

Brandon waiting for the subway during a Catalog shoot

Stoked for spring.

Zered has been skating this broken truck for weeks.