The latest installment, featuring shots in NYC, Paris, Tokyo, Munich, Johannesburg and Jersey.  Cronan keeps sending over the gems.

This is the kind of thing that happens when we sit in the van too long drinking. I could probably post a different picture each week of Suski burning Brandons mole hair. We spend alot of time in the van.

This is outside our hotel in Tokyo. We flew in the night before (16 Hour Flight), and didn’t get into the hotel till one in the morning. We were all up at 6am due to the jetlag, and this was Brandons warm-up at 8:30 or 9 am. Brandon went on a rampage this day, He shot the Ollie-Wallie, and the  Back 50-50 on the bank to rail later in the day.

This is at a Paulaner beer garden in Munchen (Munich) Germany. There was a Ten stair rail at the front entrance that Brandon 5-0’d second try. He did it quick so we could get to drinking.

Sometimes team dinners can get out of hand. This was a typical one in South Africa. At some point we stopped ordering drinks, because somebody had just taken most of the bottles from the bar and brought them to our table.

This spot is directly across the street from the Manhattan Bridge skate park. One push to try and get enough speed. Dave Willis had spent the entire day watching Ron Deily destroy every spot we went to, so he was psyched to get his.

Zered and Dave hanging out by the east river after a long day of skating.

The legendary Sombrero spot in queens. Everybody wants to skate it, but when they get here everyone gets so bummed when they realize how hard it is to skate. This is Eli warming up with a front salad.

This is the type of thing that only happens in Europe.

This spot is right outside of Newark. Brandon had the cover of Transworld last year doing a frontside wallride at the other end of this loading dock. Ron had to keep shutting the door to a print shop to get speed for this. Eventually all the employees came outside and watched Ron skate. I showed the owners a picture of the cover on my phone, and they were so psyched that their building was on the cover of a magazine. I wish all sessions were like this one. Ron warming up with an ollie.

Zered and Eli hanging out under a bridge in Tokyo.

View from queens heading into Brooklyn. Another day is done.

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