This was Eli’s first trip out of the country. Words cannot describe how excited he was to skate all the Europe spots. He pretty much dragged us to Le Dome to skate the double set. The run up and landing was covered in broken glass. I told him to wait while we swept it off a bit, but he didn’t listen. Here he is telling me he should have listened. Still psyched.

Eli leaving his mark in Paris. Bottom of the Le Dome double set.

You couldn’t turn around in New York City last summer without seeing Chaz.

Zered and Brandon give Chaz an official welcome to the team roughing up in Atlanta. They stuffed him into a dumpster shortly after.

Suski gearing up for a long van ride through the European countryside.

Casual New Yorker.

As excited as Eli was about his first europe trip, he wasn’t quite prepared for the sometimes grueling schedule. Here we had to check out of our hotel at 3am to catch a 5am flight to the next demo.

Anthony Claravall was our tour guide in Shenzhen, China. This is what most filmers look like after filming lines all day in the blazing sun.

Westgate and Mike Manzoori check out a long rail in queens while filming for Emerica’s “Stay Gold”. Not sure if Manzoori could see at this point.

Mike Manzoori got an eye infection when he came to NY to film with Brandon for “Stay Gold“. At one point he literally couldn’t see. Turns out if he had waited to go to the hospital one more day he would have lost his eye. Suffering in the Bronx.

Forrest doesnt do budget. While the rest of us drink beer by the case, Forrest keeps it classy with some gas station champagne.

Forrest with a kickflip to fakie in chinatown. We shot this on the Fourth of July a couple years ago.

Zered doesn’t let the fact that there is no ball stop him from playing some hoops out on Staten Island.

Zered playing pool after a day of skating, at one of his favorite places in NYC: Doc Holidays.

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