KOSTON just won his 3rd Tampa contest.
He is still the best after all these years.
I still have old ass photos of him and Willy Santos
on my bedroom wall at Mom and Dad’s.

Kevin Taylor definitely held it
down for the Zoo crew.
I will post up video of his runs soon.
In the meantime.. here are some pics.

Our hotel was right on Ybor strip.
right next to the craze and
where all the top dogs were at.

Yo i’m In Tampa with the Shetler Brothers!

Andy Henrie was in the house.

Selego had the eye of the tiger all weekend
His striking eyes can make lightning shoot off
of Joel Meinholz’s “actor hat” as HH liked to call em.

The infamous Mind Bender from MIA.

Up in the VIP at the De La show.

De La Soul rocked the house.

It was a real treat for me watching De La.
Thanks to all the homies at the SPOT
and Nike SB for making it happen.

Yeah i’m down with Hunter.
He’s got his own money in Tampa..
i think P-Rod got the $10,000 Hunter bill.

Full video geek sesh at the bar.
Humphries, Goncalves, Colin, and Friedberg.

Zered signs some autographs for the kids

Catchin some Florida sun in the parking lot
while the snow melts back home.

The crowd wants free shit.

What is that subway car doing next to our dinner table?

Shetler checks out the view from the window.

Back to the hotel to meet the
rest of the crew who are joining us
tonight to officially kick off our tour.

We’ve hired an army of cameramen
to give you bring you the best coverage
of our Florida tour.
Video Podcast is in the works. Stay Tuned!