Hot! Sacto Rail Mish.

We drove out to Sacramento so Matt Miller could handle some business over this red rail into a bank.

Here he is warming up with the best trick ever.. an ollie.

Matt & Joey made a bet that He couldn’t pull his switch manuever in 10 tries.. Every time he lands on it he gets another try.. and if he doesn’t roll away in 10 tries his Steeler’s pride will be taken away as he is forced to wear a Patriot’s Jersey for an entire day!Matt eventually rolled away, but unfortunately it took a bit longer than 10 tries.. Jeff Landi was there to take the sequence.. and if Matt’s lucky maybe you guys will see the sequence in an upcoming Skateboard Mag or Zoo York Ad.. until then, you’re just gonna have to wait til the video drops.. I told Matt that his trick was so dope that if the Zoo vid has to come out tomorrow, he’s already got an ender! Still waiting for Pepper to send me some digital documentation of Miller in a Pats Jerz!!