Photos: Cronan
Interview: Oleynik

What’s up Ron? How you been?
I’ve been very good. Thanks for asking.

So take us back. When and how did you get hurt?
It was a beautiful day around the ides of March. I was planning on going to New York, but the trains were all jammed up, so I just went to the skate park instead with a couple buds. About five minutes in, I was laying on the flat bottom of the mini ramp with a mangled leg. Neato.

What did you actually break?
I ended up  breaking my tibia and messed up the alignment of my ankle. I had surgery and they fixed me up all nice like. I think I had about 6 different boots and braces before I got the final air cast. Quite a process, but once you start being able to wobble around a bit, you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

How long were you off your board for?
It took about four months to step on a board again, eight months to get comfortable, and they say it takes a year to get back to 100%. Looking forward to it.


So your pro board came out when you were hurt? What were you thinking when it dropped?
I was thinking that it was an interesting time to go pro. I was fuckin psyched on the couch, though. Best part of the injury for sure. And it gave me more motivation to rehab the shit out of my leg. Luckily, I had a really good surgeon that did a fancy job which made things a little easier.

What did you do when you weren’t skating?
I would do whatever I could to keep my sanity; playing games, puzzles, chess, books, and stretching that leg out a bunch.

What things did you do to get yourself healthy again?
Mainly physical therapy, but you have to eat right and get all your vitamins as well. Actually, doing the exercises at home helps a lot too.

Front 180 Nosegrind

What was the first time back on your board like?
It was a scary experience. I went right back to the skate park, though. I got a couple slashers on this one quarter riding this ridiculous cruiser, but went a little heavy on one and got thrown somehow haha. Thought I broke it again for a second, but it was fine.

Damn. So you’re almost 100% again?
Just about, I’d say. It’s been fun, in a weird way, relearning everything.

Have you lost any tricks?
I can’t do switch hardflips anymore, but that’s just fine.


Any tricks seem easier than before you got hurt?
I don’t think so. I take a little bit of time to get shit wired, but it feels really damn good to be back on the bird.

So the weather is getting shitty. Is there a place you skate in NJ in the winter?
All you can do is hope for no snow and some mid 40’s with the temps. I’ll be out west for a nice while as well. California sunshine can be a magical thing.

True. What are your plans for 2012?