Hot! RedBull Seek & Destroy 3 – North Cacka

So we just got to Raleigh, NC and RedBull
had a little party/orientation meeting for us
at the flying saucer bar. Big Kenny Hughes
and Bucky were in the house.

Joel Mindbender is on the tour reppin’ MIA
and Chris Roberts is here reppin’ for LA.
Jeff Regis from RedBull was in the
kitchen servin’ up some heat.
Chris Nieratko from NJ Skateshop is also
in the house as one of the coordinators of this tour.
And also Ryan M-M-Monihan from the
H-Street video “Shackle Me Not”
Here’s Joey whippin’ out his secret
weapon that helped us win last year.
Boost mobile gave us all these cool phones to use
that have a walkie talkie feature
they are lots of fun to “chirp” one another with.
and Joey found a Chicken McNugget
shaped like New Jersey!