Hot! RedBull Seek & Destroy 3 – Miami Finals

Forrest Kirby picked me up for an
early morning sesh while
the rest of the crew recovers from
the night before in Miami.

I asked Forrest if he had any ideas for
the upcoming Zoo video.

Here he is warming up with the ol’ SS.BS.TS.
Just wait til you see the killer combo’s
Mr. Kirby pulls at this spot.

Forrest had somehing important to do on Friday.
Let’s hope he “got-it-dun”.

Kenny Hughes gets busy for
Joey Digital & The NC Team.

Are we the only ones who see
something wrong with this photo?!?
This was at a fast-food playground in the hood.

RedBull put us up in the trendy Standard Hotel in Miami.
Our crew was reppin hard in the hot tub/pool area
for 5 days straight. I don’t think the other patrons staying
at the Standard were too stoked on us.
Here is a pic of Kenny & JoJo chillin in the hot tub.
That waterfall in the background felt like an aqua massage on your shoulders.

We skated a lot with these blokes who were
reppin the UK team and the Stereo Sound Agency

“Two World Wars! And One World Cup!
Doo dah! Doo dah!”.. they kept singing.

When Vinnie Ponte isn’t too busy selling
the hot Nike’s at RIVAL, He also DJ’s for Raekwon,
and makes a guest appearance in the
Red Bull “Seek & Destroy 3” Video

Click the pic above.. then click it again
to see a little video of Vinnie in action.

Joaquim Cardona & Joey/”JoJo”/”Bucky” Brezinski

The UK’s Olly Todd was reppin’ hard
all day from early morning the night before
to his stellar performance at the Award ceremony
Congrats brits.
Kenny & the Brits

Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll see a Doc.Z update!
I know he’s got some good pics..
Send em my way Z!

If anyone can wake this kid up faster than
I can and get him away from the pool
and into the minivan with us..
I’ll vote for you! – RB.