Hot! RedBull Seek & Destroy 3 – Dirrty South

The Seek & Destroy mission led us into
the dirty south.. Here’s big
Kenny Hughes in hotlanta.

Freddy & Quim.. two of Jersey’s
finest skaters, met up with us in Atlanta

Hotlanta has some crazy spots like
this wicked boob ledge..

We drove down to Miami and our buddy Clyde
got a new grill courtesy of RedBull..

UK’s Olly Todd & LA’s Joey Brezinski
joined us for dinner at the Puerto Sagua
restaurant in Miami.

We got to the restaurant and Zered Bassett
was there with Jeff Regis from RedBull!

My view at the dinner table.

Kenny & Z.

After dinner.. we picked up
Vinny Ponte from Rival Skateshop
for some extra good times.