Hot! Pity the fool.

Zered just got back from the DVS Mexico Tour.
He got some sick footage, an amazing sequence,
and knocked himself out while on the tour..
but needless to say he was killing it..

Yesterday I drove Zered and our ladies
out to Pennsylvania
to pick up a puppy bulldog that
Zered bought for his girlfriend’s birthday.

and they named the cute little thing.. Mr. T!

If you’re lucky you’ll get to witness the event in
Zered’s – “Firsthand” video on Fuel TV.
which is in the works.

Mr. T is awesome.

and he likes to bite ankles so watch out!

his belly is amazing.
why have a 6 pack
when you can have a keg!
A big shout out to my boy Hunter
from Nike SB
who is in town holdin’ it down..
thanks for dinner at Freeman’s
and the heads up on Uniqlo!

my good friend Scott Gibson
from Melbourne Vans Australia.
is also in town making the Australian
skater factor in NYC higher than
ever right now..
This guy is unconciously responsible
for the meeting of me & my wife.

Espo made these amazing griptape
caricatures on the ladder at Max Fish
I highly suggest you check em out next time
you get a drink.. this is Harold.

Check out the one of Matt Terwilliger of KCDC Skateshop.
It looks just like him!

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  1. Matt Terwilliger is so handsome, or at least was so handsome- gettin a little old there guy huh?

    Whattaya going bald…yup…looks like a receding hairline to me 🙁