Hot! My boys at DQM..

Craze thrower extraordinaire
aka Dave aka the guy who boned ya moms
is having a big sale at his store on April 1st..
and my man John Bush was there taking
product shots of his fresh new gear.

For those who don’t know
John Bush is a world famous
international bartender & photographer
to the stars.. There is even a NOFX song
written about him and the awesome
bartenders at Niagara.

The Cube is back at Astor!
We took it back to the old school
and met up at the deck..

Then we hopped on the train for
an uptown mish.

Zered threw down a couple
gas station wallie grinds in front
of the World famous Cotton Club..

Then we made a sweet
Daewon picnic table spot.

That setup didn’t work out too well
So Zered filmed a buttery line instead..
Here he is warming up with the video report’s
most popular trick.. The Backside 5-0 Grind!

Here is Lurker Lou’s rendition
of what Zered likes to call
– “The Ugg boot of Tre Flips.”

First we were thirsty..
Then we made art.