Hot! More Sydney Pics

Brandon Westgate ain’t nuttin to F wit’

Dr. Z breaks the Sydney tower off a lil sumthin’

We are AmeriCAN’s not AmeriCant’s!

For this post we have special guest photographer
Mrs. Umali behind the lens..
Cronan doesn’t look too psyched on her skills.

Dr. Z hoppin’ a squat.

Some shit went down at this spot.

Sexiest filmer in the biz.

Tweak it Suski.

I said TWEAK IT!



Shetler aka “Shuvs?”
what the hell does Shuvs mean anyway?

Z. Bass

Miller Time

Jack Bridges – ZY Aussie Squad

Me and Sydney filmer Michael Choi

We rolled deep to a bangin’ Thai restaurant
in Newtown.
Three grown ass men in the trunk.

The food was so good.. Milleritis.

Checkin out the opera house.

Mrs. Umali takes good photos

Like this one.