KOTR Update #2 – It’s over!

We just finished the KOTR tour
The craziest toughest trip i’ve ever been on.
Seriously like Red Bull’s Seek and Destroy x 100

Z got some ink to remember the trip.

I’m down for life too! 50 Points yeah!

For another 30 points, this is
all I ate for 24 hours. Yum.

Suski and Seamus after a heavy
Skimboarding sesh in Lake Michigan.

Waiting for Brandon to bring the van around.

We drove up to Cream City in Milwaukee
to pick up our Mystery Guest..
Big thanks to Brian and everybody at Cream City..
An amazing skatepark.
Also props to Lutzka for hooking it up for us!

Our Mystery guest Ricky O taking a nap on me.
(Photo by Shark Dick Dong Rip Diggy Dawes)

We had some serious cleanup work for our
first city challenge in El Paso.

We lit it up and worked all night

And more work in the morning

It was worth it though cuz Suski got a banger.

Brandon working on his farmer tan.

Working hard at hardly working.

Almost dry.

Seamus “Deegan your mouth”, never not working.
I don’t know how this guy does it.. He doesn’t sleep or eat.
And he can drive longer than anybody I know.
Thanks for holding it down Seamus we couldn’t have
done any of this without you.

Dr. Z going over Black Label’s crappy graffiti
with even more crappy graffiti.

Needs a little work.. maybe take some
pointers from Stash and Stay High next time.

Shit is hot in El Paso.

Lameezy E. gettin’ his weave on for 50 points

The Zoo York team is now sponsored
by “Grills by Paul Wall” thanks Dawes!
H-town what up!

Zered frying an egg on the sidewalk
in Phoenix as one of our city challenges.

Our best prank was creating a fake
city challenge for “Brenda” Westgate.
Good times.. Thanks to Phelpers for
including us in all this craze.