KOTR – Denver 8/24

Last night our level of stokedness was
through the roof to start
attacking our King of the Road challenges.

I think we have to turn our stoke level down a
couple notches and reserve some for tomorrow nite.

We are a little too stoked to have
Diggy Dawes on our team.

Can’t you see how stoked Lamare is to be here?

The day before I left for KOTR I was invited to
film some of my favorite all time skaters with
an HD camera set up that belonged to
a couple of my favorite filmers..
Thanks Ty and Meza! I had a blast playing
with your fancy set up in the rain.

This fisheye costs more than my entire setup!
I couldn’t wipe the drizzle off with my lens cloth.
You need a windshield wiper for this crazy kit.

Yo Nardelli I’m gonna need about 10k from the
video budget to buy this setup for the Zoo crew!
You want them to look as good as possible right?