Kenny is off to Israel.

Here’s Kenny flossin’ the crazy rocker steez
in Miami with the one & only
Joel Meinholz aka “Mindbender”,
aka “Out of con-Joel”.

He sure has a lotta luggage…

Now imagine lugging these bad boys full
of gear all over Israel for 2 weeks..
Now imagine doing that with
stitches in your bunghole.. Wow.

and a very
Happy Birthday to one of my most
favorite people in the whole world..
Marc Razo!

Yummy cupcakes in Ice Cream cones
courtesy of Jillian.

Everybody knows that Razo loves cake.
I counted at least 4 different cakes at his party!
Here’s Lance from Spoon & Rhandy Tambio from In4mation diggin into a couple of em.

and another surprise birthday to
the one and only Dave Ortiz!
Oh no i think its birthday season.