John Joseph, lead singer of the iconic New York hardcore band, The Cro-Mags, stopped by the Zoo today to hang with the crew and pick up some gear to rock on-stage at upcoming shows with The Cro-Mags and his new band, BLOODCLOT!.  John is the fu%#in’ man, and we’re stoked to have him reppin’ the Zoo!

Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX – November 2008.

John hangin’ backstage with Doc from Bad Brains.

If you haven’t checked out John’s best selling autobiography, “The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon,” you definitely should. This dude has lived a gnarly yet inspirational life, and you’ve gotta read it to believe it. Check out Punkhouse Publishing for more.

In an effort to spread his love for music and inspire inner-city youth, John recently visited the Brooklyn School for Music and Theater in Crown Heights. He chopped it up with students about his book and encouraged them to make positive changes in their own lives through involvement in the arts.  Oh, and for added stoke, he brought the class a grip of Zoo tees!

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