Zoo’s pint-sized shred from Chicago, Chaz Ortiz, has been absolutely killing it lately! Chaz is currently on the Zoo York flow team, but with the way he’s been handling business lately, he’ll likely climb to amateur status sooner than later. At only thirteen years old, Chaz has been blowin’ up the contest circuit and making the hearts of teenage girls flutter from coast-to-coast. Over the past few months, Chaz further stacked his resume by winning the 2007 Mountain Dew Free Flow Tour and placing 2nd in Volcom’s Damn Am contest which brought out all the rippers. He also crushed it at the final stop of the 2007 AST Dew Tour broadcast on NBC in October. He skated super smooth and consistent, with style well beyond his years, and ended up placing 6th behind Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka, and other big name pros. Chaz is a super cool kid with a very bright future, and Zoo’s stoked to have him in the family.

Watch Chaz destroy it at the 2007 Dew Tour Playstation Pro in Orlando where he finished 6th – remember, this was a PRO contest with all the heavyweights on hand.