Brian Siswojo from 8Five2 Skateshop
and Zered Bassett..
Reunite in HK again after 5 years.

Brand spankin’ new Tiger Bomb board
was spotted at the demo.
The legacy of the newlywed
Pangstarr lives strong in HK.

Wannabe Sneaker Pimps
exhibit at the HK Airport

Are these guys taking the L Train to
Williamsburg to skate the KCDC Mini Ramp?
Nah… Going to Mong Kwok to cop
some Victor Lee bags!

Might as well be chillin’ on
Grand and Bowery in Chinatown.

We hit up the TF at Tompkins Sq
to watch Miller pop over the cone.

Check out what Brian and Miller
are peeping at HKSkateboarding.com

Thanks for the Hong MF Kong shirts Brian!
Hey Brandon, Where’s your shirt?

Yeah we still got our Thrasher tats.

Sweet Lucha Libre bus.

Dr. Z – mos def not in the club.

Our favorite restaurant in HK

Home of the “Gang Bang” burger..
a double bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg!

After gang bang blogging sesh

Get your blog on.

Shetler blogs Blian.

Donny uses his kung fu moves
to fly thru the turnstile.

We took this cable car to the top of the hill.