Hot! Here’s what to do if you get a ticket for skating

The other day Joey Pepper skated an old fort in SF.
Here he is lofting a fat backside boneless.

I don’t know if this fake park cop is giving
Joey a ticket for posing the boneless photo,
or if he is just being a jerk and protecting
the 100 year old “endangered” skate spot.
So Joey takes the ticket like a man and ends up taking
this lovely pic of a sweet melon grab.
Ahh.. what’s that on the bottom of his board?

Here’s another lovely pic of Joey busting
out a hyper-extended one-foot
aka the “Ollie North” or
as Forrest Kirby has been known to call it
– the “Ollie Cowboy”.. Yee haw!

Speaking of Forrest.. if anybody sees him
out there living his mysterious life,
tell him to quit being a stranger!

So after these photos of Joey were taken..
he took off on a skate trip to Thailand with his buddies
Skateboarder Mag Photographer Ben Colen
& filmer Vern Laird.. Let’s hope he keeps us
posted with some photos & updates..
and I’m off to the dirrrty south with Kenny Hughes
on the Red Bull Seek & Destroy 3 tour.

Joey Pepper photos by Jeff Landi


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  1. great shot of that ticket RB. Great place to put it too!!


  2. zoo york is fuckn awsom I have a zooyork board to and I fucking love it

  3. F.O.R.E. kills yo!