A big thanks to everybody who came
out and helped make Harold day
a day to remember.

Here are some pics from the
skate jam and after party.

A couple of New England’s finest.
Zered Bassett & Jahmal Williams

Harold’s brother Ron & Vinny Raffa

Vinnie Ponte & JuJu from the Beatnuts

Vinny shows off his custom H Hunter Nike.

Scott Johnston & Ben Colen
get their fuel from Dunkin Donuts.

Jeff Pang reppin one of Vinny Ponte’s
custom Harold shirts that
he made for the event.
“Ay yo, you ever see that movie Kids?”

The crowd ate up the free stuff with enthusiasm.

The legendary DJ Premier was there for Harold.

Peter Huynh & Jeff Pang of UXA
hold it down with the one and only Doctor Z.

Shannon and Quinn from Max Fish

Gettin that footy for the
Daily Habit on Fuel TV

After the skate jam we
had a screening at KCDC of
a little video I made of Harold.

One of the greatest female skaters
ever, Jaime Reyes was in the house
with old school NYC loc Gizmo.

Former Zoo York pro Chris Keeffe of DQM
and one of the greatest NYC skaters
of all time, Keith Hufnagel

Oh snap.. is that Spencer Fujimoto
from the “Love Child”video!?!
and look, he’s chillin’ with my part time
neighbor Greg Carroll from Empire Skate Dist.
Gots ‘ta have my Daily Dose to start the day!

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  1. looks good son thanks for the pics

    dmac form vancity