It was go skateboarding day so I
took the DQM track bike for a spin with
Nardelli. Reppin’ team green.

Jack Sabback was there.. He used to
skate for Zoo.. now he’s pro for
Ricky Oyola’s company Traffic Skateboards.
Ricky skated for Zoo too!
A little Zoo history for you kids out there

I had a little flat ground/flatbar sesh myself
before the madness arrived.

Scott and Kevin from Nike SB
holdin’ down the sidelines.

Andy Henrie poppin’ wheelies.

Nardelli and Greg Waters on a Zoo office break.

Dave and Darin used to work at Zoo when
it was on 13th street.
I think they’re talking about Chinese sodas.

Ron Deily showed up with hundreds of kids
and blew up our sesh by tossing new Zoo decks
all over the place..

“Yo lemme get that!”

“You’re a nice guy Ron no matter
what they say about you..”

Jeremy from Autumn Skateshop was skating all day after
a few too many of his signature shots last night.
The Jeremy and the Jeh Remy.

Yeah Lunchbox.

Jahmal Williams. East Coast Legend.
Have you seen his part in Eastern Exposure 3? Peep it.
He still rips everyday for his new company Hopps Skateboards

Seamus and Andy Henrie

Greg sticks it to the man.

Zoo photog and family guy Cron Dog came thru.

Dr. Z put down his new track bike
for Go Skateboarding Day..
He got a “fixie” less than a week ago and
he’s already riding like a pro.

100 kids + 1 ledge = Lots of fun.
Now go skate.