Hot! Euro World Cup Tour Update #5 – Lyon France

In Lyon, the Zoo crew was honored
to have Jeremie from Cliche
take us around to some spots.
Here is a pic of Jeremie and
Seamus gettin’ their TM on.

We did a shop signing at
JB Gillet’s shop – “Ballz Out”

Here is the crew gettin their graf on.
Autografs that is.

After hittin some spots up.
The crew did another appearance
at the shoe gallery

“Damn they got mad kicks yo”

Mathias was another one of our tour guides
in Lyon and he held down the 1 and 2’s
at our shop appearance.. when he asked us what
we wanted to hear.. the response was

Forrest gets mad artsy
whenever he signs a board

Shetler and his boys were throwin
mad craze across the street.

Just one of the fine spots Jeremie took us to.

At the last spot of the day
we got caught in the rain.
So we had a little pow wow
to kill some time.

Here’s Barley enjoying the sights of Lyon.

Me and Ron Suki holdin it down at the Zoo party.

“Yo Matt you got a bucket on your head bro.”

DB and M&M

DB came thru with a tray of craze

We had the entire back of the bar on lockdown

Ron Suki was in full effect.

After every drink.. Forrest was convinced
that this girl was looking more
and more like Katie Holmes.

That was until the walk home when Forrest
saw that Katie had a chocolate stain
on her best friends new white skirt.
Oh wait a minute.. “That ain’t chocolate baby!
It’s doo doo!”

The walk home was wilder than the party itself.

Shetler didn’t want to leave so Suski
Helped him out a little..

ZY Derelict Squad reppin the streets of Lyon.

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  1. Why is Forrest always shirtless when he’s mackin?