Hot! Euro World Cup Tour Update #3 – Italy

Sorry for the lack of updates lately..
I just got back from a 2 week tour of
Russia with Zered and the RedBull team.

Here we are chillin’ in Ravenna
Italy for the Slam Trick Contest.
That’s Donny Barley, Matt Miller,
My man Mauro from Italy
and yours truly..

Everyday Donny Barley
was lookin more and more
like Bruce Willis.. you seen Die Hard?

Donny literally tore the roof off
at the Slam Trick party in Italy..

Umm yeah bro you got
a flower in your hair.. hmm?

Then we went to Milan..
where it sucked not having Federico around.
Here is Forrest and Matt Miller at
Milano Central with their bags
lookin’ like they on the cover
of a bad rap album..