Hot! Euro World Cup Tour Update #1 – England

We met up at Zoo to leave for our
international adventure.

Forrest was still hurt from filming with me a
couple days earlier and almost went back home to Miami.

I’ve skated with Forrest since I was 15 years old.
And I was hella psyched
that he decided to join us.

Forrest and Barley.

Yeah that’s right… Filipinos
represent up in London.

Forrest is a veteran traveler
and never leaves the country without
toenail clippers & teeth flosser kits…

Or his favorite purple and
green Zoo York shorts..

They got designer street lamp
posts in London.. Dope.

Matt Miller & Ron Deily came out to
hold it down for the Zoo York Am Squad.

Not only is Donny Barley blazin’ hot
but the private school girls here think
he looks like a sexy young Bruce Willis.

Forrest gives our new TM Seamus
the – ‘You’re not Pang?’ – look.

Before our the autograph signing we stopped
at a buttery ledge spot to
catch a few quick lines.

Our in-store was at Urban Chaos
In the Covent Garden section of London.
A big shout out to my boys across the
street at Slam City for always hooking
me up with awesome shirts!

Holler at your boy band.

Forrest lookin mad urban at Southbank.

As the sun sets over the water
at one of London’s finest beaches.
Ain’t got it like this in Miami.. huh Forrest?

On the way to our demo the next day
at a cool little town called – “Stoke on Trent”
We stopped on the road and had this for lunch..

Warning: This causes severe “water storms”

Forrest got wrecked off the wimpy chicken.

Donny gears up for getting down

How stoked on trent would you be if
you got an autographed Donny Barley board
at the Zoo York demo in your town?


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  1. yay! FORE!

  2. Looks empty without the WU, Pepper and Dr. Z, Clyde, KT,Supa, Jordan, AQ, Correa!!! Where is the new guy w/ the beard!

  3. Hey RB where’s my perdiem?

    what’s up from Medellin

    Have fun


  4. Best switch back nosegrind.
    Forrest, that’s right!