My man Dave from DQM
had a party the other night.
Here are some pics..

Kim, Tracy, Kyle from DQM and Mrs. Umali

Marky Ramone of the Ramones was DJ’ing.

Dave Ortiz aka “Mr. Everything” throwin’ craze.

Colin Kennedy rolled into town
and filmed a trick of Zered that i tried to film 3 times earlier.
He was off to London the next day to meet up with Jeron..
Lookout for that trick in Z’s new video part.

Tracy and Mae as the bar kicked everybody out.
Give a bunch of derels free liks for 4 hours and throw em
all out at 11pm?? We stood there screaming at the DQM
slideshow for another ten minutes.. the bar staff was bummed
that we wouldn’t leave so they pulled the plug on us.