Hot! Dirty 30 Party Pics

I have the most awesome wifey.
She held a surprise party in honor of
my 30th bday and our 1 year anniversary
here in NYC the other weekend. Here are some pics.

The night started off with some Sushi.
Where my Mom & Dad surprised me with
an appearance from Houston TX.

Then another surprise at my favorite
drinking hole.. Max Fish of course.

Peter and Dede Fahey from
Sneaker Pimps in the hizzy.

2 of NYC’s finest photographers and John Bush

My little sister JoBeth came down
from Boston to blow bubbles.

A couple of New England’s finest pro skaters
in the house.. Zered and Joey Pepper.

Leo Fitzpatrick stopped by to say “whatup!”

Me and the boys getting loaded.

It started to get a little rowdy at this point.

Big thanks to Marc Razo, Dan Graff, and the whole
Max Fish crew for letting us do our thing.

My wife printed out all these old photos
of me and hung them up in the back.
We were holding it down in the back
That’s right the locals are taking back Saturday night.
No more S.N.I.F.A… Saturday nite is for us!

Ako “Tiba” Jefferson has been in NY
at Razo’s for like a month now
putting a damage on everyone’s
wallets and livers.

Ali Rapp and Jaime Reyes holding it down… barely.
It looks like the Reyes just did one of her
infamous Patron and Chipotle Tabasco shots.

Word on the street is that this guy
is designing a Sydney tattoo for my wifey.

Yo that’s my sister you can’t have her.

And that’s my cousin.. she’s off limits too!

Dan and my wifey came up with a great idea.

Luckily nobody got shards of glass in their eyes.

Zoo footwear designer, War Effort skate pro,
Screw skateboards Fam Andre Page came thru!
I’ve known this guy for 14 years now.
Good to see you bro.. he doesn’t know
this yet but he bought me a new bike
for my birthday. Thanks Dre!

Reyes and her blue balls.

That’s my Enid’s DJ partner..!
Thanks everybody for coming thru.
It took me 3 days to recover from this night. – RB