Hot! December Photos – Minority Report at Enid’s

Clyde premiered his video “Minority Report”
at Enid’s in NYC the other weekend.
It was lots of fun.. so much fun we are gonna
have another party at the same spot this weekend.

Yeah.. i’m down with Leo too.

Me and the wifey chillin at the DJ booth.
Check out her blog – FriendsoFriends

Oh snap that’s Justin from DQM!
Check him out as Rocky
in this video – Partydudez!

Okay the guy in the middle helped
start my drinking career at Spoon.
And the guy on the right
keeps it going at Niagara.

In other unrelated yet related Zoo news..
Did former Zoo Pro Mr. Pepper take
former Zoo TM Don La’s old spot in Brooklyn?
Or was it that other former Aesthetics guy that
looks kinda like me if you’re not Asian?

Jahmal and Jahmal.

Rhandy had a great idea to play the ol’
beer bottle pyramid game..

Carl “Weathers” aka “Sweetpea” or “Griptape”
as Reda likes to call him..
Also from the DQM staff steps in..

Walah.. Check out that smile!

Roy from North Cackalacka used to sell
tons of Zoo York goods.. Now he sells
tons of DC goods.. He’s also opening up
a new “cool guy” store in NC to sell mad
“limited edition” goods. Heads up on that.

Here are 2 of the first pro
skaters i filmed in NYC..
Chris from DQM and Mike from FDNY

This is across the street from my new apartment.

This is not across the street from me.
This is in the ghetto.
In a “friendly zone” where
white people are the minority

Here is Zered sticking out like a sore thumb.
We get kicked out of this spot everyday
by the building manager because some
dumb kid gouged his arm on the spiked fence.

A rare and elusive Kevin Taylor sighting.
He’s been busy wrapping up his bangin’ part
for Mark Brandsetter’s new video – Plain and Simple

Yeah lets take KT to the stinkiest most
popular skate photo spot in the city..
The Fish Gap!! Yay.

Zered warms up at one of his new spots
in his old neighborhood.

DB has been making some regular
trips to the city. Have you seen his
part in the best video of the year?
“Get Familiar” by Chris Hall?
Don’t sleep on that son!
You can buy it directly from
Chris thru paypal.

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