With the Cronan Series and his interview just recently dropped, this week’s Cronan Files focuses on his NYC photography. Check the flicks and his words below.

Westgate 50-50: This was shot last year during an Emerica filming trip in the city. This is the last trick in a line that is in his Stay Gold part. He did the line multiple times because he was worried the guys at Emerica wouldn’t think it was good enough.

Eli Reed Switch 50-50: Eli had talked about doing this for awhile. It took 2 days to get it. The first day we went, he almost did it first try! He had it a bunch of times, but couldn’t stick it the first day. Sometimes you have to just walk away and clear your head. We went back a week later, and he did it pretty quick. As soon as he landed it, it started snowing, and that was the end of skating in the city for a few weeks.

Zered Bassett Backside Tailslide: I don’t remember much from this day except that it was cold and really windy. That wouldn’t have been too bad, except the spot is in front of some sort of cement factory. The whole time we were there everyone was getting cement dust in their eyes, so we were all pretty miserable. In the end though I think it was worth it.

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