I had a little get together at the crib
for Cinco De Mayo.. Shetler
Donny, and Ben Colen in the hizzouse.

They came over to watch this guy fight De La Hoya.

Brody, Donny and Deily.. Full kitch.

Shetler, Kyle, Dave, and Andy Henrie on the way out.

My man Hunter from Nike SB has
been in NYC a lot lately.

What’s Nardelli doing at the fish with
Norwegian Chicks?? Professor Henrie sneaks into this pic.

Celebrating Seis De Mayo with Tacos at La Esquina.

This Fiji water tastes even better cuz Seamus paid for it!

The next day we took the 7 train out to Flushing.

Ridin’ the train you see all sorts of weirdos.

Like this lady who sat next to us and
started playing her melodica.
Who then had the nerve to ask us for $$.
She should have given us $$ for having
to listen to that noise!

Shetler rocking out on the Guitar Hero game.

KT livin’ on the edge.

Suski showing off my favorite candy store.

Zoo York at the fish.

Lurker Lou lurked his way into the
back of the Zoo van on the way to
skate the Staten Island School.

Here’s my view from the back seat.
Nice masking tape art
in the row in front of me.

After the Staten Island sesh we headed
to KCDC for Chris Nieratko’s book release party.

It was packed. Summer has officially started.

Suski and the author himself.. Mr. Nieratko.

Chunk Razo at the fish.

Dan Graff from the fish asks Reda
about the origins of Carl’s racist nickname.

Forrest Kirby looks down as Zered
gets a BSTS-BGP.

Riggin kits in Chinatown after dark is what we ’bout.