After winning the most recent stop of the AST Dew Tour in SLC, ZY Official Chaz Ortiz headed south of the border this past weekend to compete in X Games Mexico.  He killed the street course all weekend and finished in 2nd place earning a silver medal behind gold medalist Greg Lutzka (who won by a mere 5-tenths of a point).  Great job Chaz!!

Here’s what EXPN reporter Adam Salo had to say, “Chaz Ortiz  was honestly my favorite kid to watch. The little guy has so much board control it’s absurd. He looked so collected all weekend, like a seasoned pro and yet he’s still a 14-year-old amateur! In the tranny section Chaz did a crowd-pleasing kickflip melon off the volcano. He ruled the Shenzhen gap with a frontside flip, backside flip and nollie backside bigspin. And on the double set Chaz sealed the deal warming up with his stock moves and then stepping up to kickflip front board on the rail and kickflip back lip on it, too.”

Click the below image to peep the Skateboarding Street Final from X Mex!

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