Hot! Canada Tour Update – MTL Am Getting Paid

Thanks to the hotel’s free wifi..
I’m giving you a quick update from the road!
We are comin’ to you live from
Canada where Zoo York has been
reppin’ hard all weekend.
Here are some pics

Who’s in the van..

Zered checkin out the video report’s
new super ultra mega death lens.

Donny was off to a messy start
but was quick to febreze it up.
It still smells like Donny.

Suski and Z stickin craze on our van.

Yeah brah.
Heavy Metal Parking Lot Pimpin.

There is a HH shrine at the Zoo tent.

We skated MTL’s legendary spot, The Big O.
They need to raise money so they can save it.
Check out

We skated with some locals who killed it.
It was amazing watching those guys skate it like that.

The Zoo after party was crazy.
Raekwon was off the hook.
He did all the old school Wu jams.

Little Chaz Ortiz killed it!
a young buck reppin’ Zoo, UXA & DC
watch out for this kid in the near future.

Donny flossin’ the Harold Hunter
signature New Era hat
coming out next month.

Don’t ask me how you can get one.
Cuz I got no hooks.

Teenage ripper Brandon Westgate.
His signature is so hot right now.
Look closely.. its on fire!

eS Team Manager/NYC Loc, Jay Maldonado
is in the house..

Justin Williams is in the house.

and our good buddy Raj was also in the hizzy.

Zered skates for RedBull.
Regis, we’re gonna need you to
send a couple of these couches and
10 cases to my house pronto!

Did any of you notice the awesome
sticker job at the afterparty?

It was done with the expertise
of this guy..

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  1. dr.z is soo sexy!