Hot! Boo Yah

This pic was stolen from Patrick O’Dells
awesome photoblog –
Patrick was killing it on the new mini ramp at
the Etnies showroom this past weekend

A couple weird Euro guys showed up to the sesh.

NYC & Hawaii’s favorite skater girl
Jaime Reyes comin thru with a backside lipslide

Mad peoples outside the showroom on the way out.

Skatin home with Alex & Sean..

Billy’s Nuts!
click on his pic to see a video of Billy Rohan
ripping up the TF in a ghetto gown.

John Bush reppin’ the OG tag shirt
DQM’s Chris Keeffe..
and yours truly scheming
on future plans to migrate to Australia.

…stay tuned next week for updates from
the Red Bull – “Seek & Destroy 3” tour featuring
Big Kenny Hughes as we drive from
North Cackalacka down to Miami..
maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get a Forrest Kirby sighting..