Autumn Bowl with Harry Jumonji & Chunk Razo

Autumn Bowl Sesh with
Harry Jumonji (O.G. – 100% Skateboarder)
and New Jack Chunk Razo

“Without Harry Jumonji there would be no Supreme, no Shut, no Zoo York
no nothing in my eyes. Harry was the most natural skater I ever saw
outside of Christian Hosoi and really held NYC skating down back in the day.
Harry’s spent the last 10 years in and out of the penile but he’s back on the
streets doing good. Known Jumanji since 82 when me and him Jeremy Henderson
and Ian flam were skating around Washington Square in 35 degree weather just
cause we had to. Harry’s been writing me from jail for years and is a great person,
so charismatic and amazing. There was a lot of him in Harold.
Hoping he fly’s right cuz he’s a great dude and my brother from another.”
– Dante Ross (legendary Hip Hop producer)


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  1. !!!!!HARRY!!!!ONe Love Brother!!!!!
    I hope i see you again yo!Been doing the same shit as you the last
    10..Just got back to swe from Brasil surft the last year away over there good shit!!!!!

  2. Wow .I just met him on the street and gave him 2 dollars of spending money. He seemed like great guy-just a bit frazzled. Hope he is doing ok.